We know you’re tired of being told of how to spend your money, but we’re also pretty sure that you’re also tired of the shock you get when you see your account on red. For all of the YOLO fanatics, yes life is for the living but how do you truly live without healthy finances? Here are some lifestyle habits that kill your goals to be the next Dangote, and some alternatives to killing those habits.

Going out to eat

Some of us eat like food is becoming extinct. The solution to everything is ‘let’s go out to eat’, and without remorse, you can spend all of your life earnings on food. Unfortunately, this habit will kill your money goals faster than the food even digests.

Alternative– Eat on someone else’s bill. Call a friend who owes you money and let them pay their debts in food. You can also invite yourself to your friend’s house for dinner and offer good gist as compensation.

 Impulse spending

Social media adverts have taken over our timelines but if we work together and strategies, they won’t get us! Many of us have fallen prey to seeing the dress of our dreams suddenly pop up on our timelines and even worse, it’s available in our size.

Alternative-Instead of using your fingers to DM the seller, instead of placing that order, tag a friend who you know has a robust budget for charity! Tag them until they either block you or buy it for you. We’ve not tried it before, but it might work.

Unnecessary busy body outings

For some of us, busy body and ants in our pants will not allow our savings account to be great. These impulse outings usually result in unnecessary withdrawals and transfers which add plenty of bank charges to your bill!

Alternative– Coerce your friends into taking you out. There are so many perks of the Nigerian culture, one being if you do the inviting, you do the paying. Chop their money, if they don’t care.

If everything else fails in avoiding these common spending habits, you can use the card control feature with ALAT which allows you to enable and disable your account for any channels you desire! You could also try a savings plan where you can set up a savings goal, track progress towards meeting the goal, and get a 10% interest rate on your savings! Download ALAT from your app store and open an account in less than 8 minutes online today to get started!


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